Mortgage Loan Origination – New License

Ameritrain’s 20-hour SAFE NMLS approved course will prepare you to pass the national exam and get your license. Facilitated over two days, this class is led by powerhouse instructors who have taught in excess of 10,000 hours of NMLS training. Focusing on tools, strategies, and techniques to ensure you are prepared to pass the national exam, there will be no boring lectures here. Through our highly interactive, engaging facilitation, we concentrate on what you need to know to get your license and reach your full earnings potential. Ameritrain has been teaching mortgage courses since 2002 and is a recognized national leader for its effective instructors, but more importantly, for getting results that matter.

Tuition includes a 350+ page textbook, multiple study guides, online flashcards, and practice exams.

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October 1 & 2
Atlanta, GA
October 25 & 26
Atlanta, GA
November 12 & 13
Birmingham, AL
November 15 & 16
Atlanta, GA