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Get to Know AmeriTrends

AmeriTrends is Ameritrain’s blog for assisting current and prospective mortgage professionals to succeed in their business.

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If you have decided that a mortgage career is right for you, read on…

Do you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios?

  1. You’ve been approached by a family friend in the mortgage industry who believes you are an excellent candidate to become a mortgage loan originator, but first you must pass the SAFE NMLS test to get your license.
  2. Or, after attending a 20-hour SAFE NMLS mortgage pre-license course you are feeling overwhelmed with so much information you’re not quite sure how to begin studying in preparation for the exam.
  3. Or, you are hearing conversations from several people who work in the industry that there are a lot of changes taking place. How do you know what to believe? Where do you go for up-to-date information that is reliable?

If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, then you’ve landed at the right place. The AmeriTrends blog is a resource for NMLS exam preparation and test taking tips; testing techniques, tools and tricks; and a window to industry happenings you need to know.    

Each week you will:

  • learn powerful, new strategies to dissect exam questions while gaining mastery of proven methods that will enable you to pass the NMLS exam.
  • navigate how to breakdown multiple choice test questions into critical elements to ensure you select the right answer every time.
  • explore test taking tactics that work to build your critical thinking and reasoning skills to accurately answer test questions to achieve a passing score.
  • examine how the intersection of politics and policy influence industry trends in the primary and secondary markets.

AmeriTrends is here to empower you to make good decisions to get the results you need to increase your income in an ever evolving and exciting industry. Stay tuned…

Want to get started on your test prep today? Visit Ameritrain for test prep materials that are sure to help you succeed.

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