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Welcome to FAMB's Online Education Catalog for 2019 (2020 renewal)

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20 Hour SAFE Comprehensive Online

This 20-hour SAFE NMLS approved course is titled “Origination Essentials and Exam Preparation.” This course is  designed to include the mandated requirements – Federal Laws, Ethics and Nontraditional lending products – plus, the electives which include summary information designed to reinforce the content to assist in preparation for the national exam.

The philosophy behind this cousre is that you must get to first base before moving to second base. This philosophical approach is the reason industry experts and adult education specialists have prepared a course that has its very foundation in the transfer of learning. The Origination Essentials and Exam Preparation course is a step-by-step logical progression of material designed to build on concepts to ensure a complete understanding of each subject.

Facilitated on an all-new Learning Management System (LMS), this course is delivered in a state of the art, highly interactive format designed to challenge each learner to provide the best opportunity for passing the national exam on the first attempt. This online course will concentrate on what you need to know to get your license and reach your full earnings potential.

Ameritrain has been teaching mortgage courses since 2002 and is a recognized national leader for its effective instructors, but more importantly, for getting results that matter.  All online courses are on-demand, meaning that you can complete them at hours that are convenient for you. Students can take 20-hour courses either within a 5-day or 10-day cycle. For both options, the course will begin at 12 pm EST on the first day and end at 11:59 pm EST on the last day. Once the course begins, you have 24/7 access to the materials.

The 20-hour course covers a TON of information, so you should be prepared to spend a bit more than 20 hours working through and studying the material. Our goal is to present to you as much information as possible in a format that will result in good retention and ultimately lead to success on your National Exam.

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State Specific Pre-License Online

These state-specific online courses satisfy the NMLS requirements in states that require additional hours of state law. 

These 1 to 5 hour courses are offered every weekday from 12pm to 8pm EST and are managed by an instructor. Students are expected to login and complete the coursework within the provided 8 hour time frame.

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Demo of 20 Hour Online Course

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